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Medical Aid Quotes

Finding the best medical aid quotations can be very time consuming, especially when phoning around and waiting to talk to a professional, or even worse – being guided by automated system. This kind of thing can lead to much frustration and is one of the reasons why some people don’t want to shop around for a medical aid alternative.
Thanks to the internet, all of these annoying things can be prevented – and with a simple click of a button you can get medical aid quotes without any hassle. You can instantly compare these quotes and the advantages that the different medical aid companies offer. This makes shopping around for the best medical aid a breeze.
There are eventually a time though when you may want to talk to a professional over the phone – this may be when you have found the best medical aid for you (through the internet or otherwise), or when you are weighing the advantages of the best two or three alternatives. The reason for this is that this professional can then explain the medical aid policy to you in detail and also answer some of the questions you may have about the different policies. He can then explain the different options and premiums available for the policy you are interested in. You may even have the option to adjust the premium on the medical aid policy to better suit your needs. You can then even purchase a policy right away if you decide it is the best one for you.

Medical Aid Quotes

Here are a few tips when searching for a medical aid

  •  It is always better to go for large, stable medical aid companies (if you have never heard of them, the case may well be that your doctor has neither)
  •  Go for the one with good customer service
  •  Look for one with competitive premiums

That’s it, now go and compare medical aid quotes – remember it is better to have a good medical aid when you don’t need it, than to not have one when your life depends on it.

The Importance Of Having A Medical Aid

A medical aid is a requirement in all families for the simple reason that any severe injury or medical emergency should be dealt with immediately. Without a medical aid, you will have access to government hospitals but the chances you will get immediate treatment are very slim due to overcrowding and understaffing. With a medical aid you will have access to government hospitals as well as to private hospitals. Private hospitals have a better reputation for the reason that patients are dealt with as payable clients.

How Does Medical Aids Work?

A medical aid provides services at a cost (member fee). The member fee is payable with a certain interval period that is usually monthly. Several types of medical services are provided.

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Types Of Medical Services

The standard medical services that are covered by medical aids are:

  • Prevention care: This service makes provision for consultations and tests such as antenatal care consultations, antenatal sonar’s, paediatric consultations, immunisation of children, mammograms, cholesterol tests, blood sugar tests and prostate tests.
  • Essential medical benefits: This makes provision for services such as, hospitalization (government-, private hospitals and day clinics), organ transplants, hysterectomy, child birth, oncology, dentistry, radiology, pathology, physiotherapy, psychiatric services, trauma recovery services and chronic disease care.
  • Day to day benefits / services: This makes provision for services from general medical practitioners, medical specialists and emergency units, psychiatric practitioners, dentists, oculists as well as pharmacists.
  • Emergency medical services: This makes provision for services such as, emergency transport services (this may include road as well as air transport).
  •  Blood transfusion as well as the transport of blood and blood products.
  • 24 hour help line (Crisis Centre).


Having a medical aid will help you with achieving your financial budget and stay within limits when you require any of the above services.  It will only benefit you!

Why Medical Aid is Not Expensive Compared to Other Methods of Health Care

People ask whether medical aid is expensive. With the rising needs of the current lifestyles, it seems an extra expense to many people. You have to set aside some amount to cater for the scheme. The plan will be included in your budget. But you can’t compare money with your health. Health is very crucial and it demands that you have a medical cover. Although it is hard to determine when you will get sick, it does happen and no one is aware when next a disease will knock at the door.

To be on the safe side medical aid is very important. Without a medical scheme, you are forced to visit he public hospitals for your health services. This is hard since the services are not of the best quality. Many public hospitals are not equipped with the modern technology which limits them to treatment of certain diseases. As the name suggests a public hospital will be used by many people. If you want to have quick attention for your health issues, it is good to seek medical aid that will make you access the best hospitals with modern technology. With the advanced technology, it is easy to access quality services.  In the public hospitals doctors are really overworked with the huge number of clients that they have to attend. The public medical services are not usually the best for your health needs. In addition you will get long lines waiting for service. With medical aid you are able to see your doctor at any time. The public hospitals will never allow for frequent contact with doctors. With private medical care you will have quick attention.

Moreover you realize that private care may be expensive. More especially when you need quick attention. Private health care services are very costly. From the hospital ambulance to the services at the hospital, this leaves wealthy people with private hospitals. With medical aid it is easy to have your services catered for at less cost. This is because medical aid allows you to get consultations as soon as you need them as opposed to other ways of Medical Aid Schemesaccessing medical services. You will have chances to be treated at new hospitals that have excellent new technology. When companies are marketing themselves they will improve reputation through partnering with modern hospitals which give quality service. Insurance companies thus keep a sustainable competitive advantage when they give quality health services to their clients. The price of a medical cover is reasonable. It is not expensive compared to private hospitals.

With a medical cover the price can look high but if compared to other health access points the cost cannot be comparable. It is better to pay a lot and keep fit than waiting for the day you will fall seek and  need  a quick medical attention that may be costly. In real sense if you weigh the expense incurred on your medical cover with the other ways of treatment, you will realize that the cost is not very high. Regardless of the high price people have gone for medical cover with the existing risks.  Click here to read more.

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Difference Between Medical Aid and Hospital Plan

Many people confuse the terms medical aid and hospital plan.  In short, a medical aid will cover your fees like doctor’s fees, cost of operations, costs of medication etc.  A hospital plan on the other hand, will pay out a certain amount every day you are in the hospital and can not go to work.  Usually, with a hospital plan, you need to cover your daily hospital costs yourself. The latter is also the cheaper option.

Read more about hospital plans here

Medical Aid Schemes

Medical Aid Schemes

Hi and welcome.  You found this page because you are looking at different medical aid schemes in South Africa.  Well, you probably understand why we are not listing all of the different types of schemes from the different companies here . If not, the main reason is because the different medical schemes are expanding daily, and listing all of them would mean that we update our list on a daily basis.  This would not be a big problem, but we decided to make it easier for our clients.  We added a medical aid quotation form at the top of this page where you can tell us exactly what you need from your medical aid.  If we know this, we can help you find the best medical aid scheme to suit your lifestyle.  After you have submitted the quotation form, we will call you back to explain the different options you have regarding medical aid schemes.  We will also give you the rates of the different schemes to help make your decision easier.  Well then, we hope you found what you were looking for – thank you for visiting!

Medical Aid Schemes

To get medical aid schemes with their quotes, please complete the quotation form on the top of this page. For some more help getting affordable medical aid click here!

Medical Aid Quotes Online

medical aid quotes online

If you are looking for medical aid quotes online, you came to the right place.  Just complete the form above and you will be provided with medical aid quotes from different providers. 

Having a medical aid can make a big difference to you and your family’s life in the time of illness.  Medical bills can get very high, and can cause a lot of stress – this can be avoided with the right medical aid.

So go on and get your free medical aid quotes now to find the best medical aid to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Medical Aid Quotes Online

Do you want a medical aid comparison?  Then you are at the right place!  Start completing the form above and start getting medical aid quotes instantly.  There are many reasons why you might want medical aid quotes – but one of the biggest ones are that you can find the best medical aid policy to suit your needs, eliminating the things you don’t want in a medical aid to make the policy fit your pocket.

Medical Aid Comparison

There are many different kinds of medical aid policies because people have so many different needs, but you can very easily find the best one for yourself and your family.  Just complete the medical aid comparison form above to get medical aid quotes now.